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Thought I should share this. Let this sink in for a minute. Luis was killed for no reason (i’m assuming he’s of another race), this is happening all over, not just in Ferguson. This makes my skin crawl.

Y’all not pressing charges becuz he technically died of a heart attack …. THAT THE POLICE MOST LIKELY CAUSED FOR BEATING HIM! Smdh

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Where to fly? Who knows
Winds rapidly, blow
From branch to branch you go
When you see the sun dear friend let it glow
MisterWives - Vagabond (x)

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okay RIP Robin Williams and this is the exact quote we need for the whole issue with Mike Brown. Robin winning everywhere here

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“I had to get Blue Ivy out of the house. Kanye showed up at like 6am wearing a bathrobe and two pairs of sunglasses, ranting about how Game of Thrones was guilty of copyright infringement because he thought he’d gotten a copyright on the word ‘Throne…’ I don’t.. I don’t even recognise my life anymore.”

I like to imagine that in the sitcom that is Jay and B’s life, Kanye is basically Roger from Sister, Sister.


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"I was never insane except upon occasion when my heart was touched."

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simpler times

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